Re-visiting Old Friends.

Hello everybody! 

So, I’ve recently started playing again on the server I started playing Minecraft on. It’s amazing thinking back, and there’s so much that have changed. They’ve added new plugins, and so many other things. Apart from all the change, I can still find my place there. There’s a lot of the friendly faces I remember, and they’ve welcomed me back to the server. 

Why did I come back? Well, besides the fact that I just really wanted to see them again since they are such a great community, I’ve now introduced members of my class to the server, and we can play there together among the great community. It’s a really good experience to visit old friends with new friends, and I’m settling back in to the server very nicely. 

If you want to play on the server, join with the I.P- 

Have fun everybody! 

My Current Project in Minecraft

Hello everybody!

As of three days ago, I’ve started working at a slow pace through a project on singleplayer. I’ve decided to make a castle, but not a castle like any other I’ve made before! No, I’m trying to push myself to make the BEST castle I’ve ever created. It’s going to feature many different corridors stretching through it’s thick walls, tunnels, courtyards, and towers. The block pallet I’m focusing on is one based on stone brick, stone, dark wood planks/logs and emerald/green. It’s my biggest project yet, and I’m planning on a massive outcome. I’m hoping to, when it’s finished, have it at a high enough standard to submit to TEAM VARIEDE. They’re a build team that makes various Minecraft related media for their Youtube channel and different Minecraft communities around the world. You can check them out here and here

Check out their content, some of the things that they are capable of are simply amazing, and I’m hoping I can learn off of them and eventually join them!

Thanks for reading everyone, and stay tuned for more!

~Aquinas Fleming 2013-05-21_19.13.30

Welcome to my Blog.

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

This is really an introduction post, and it’s not going to be incredibly long. Just to get you all acquainted.

So, my name is Aquinas Fleming, and I’m a grade 8 Minecraft student (as well as other subjects!) at Riverside high. I’m going to be posting about different subjects in Minecraft, and the Minecraft community, as well as information and reviews about other games. (this won’t be the primary focus, though.) I’m hoping to bring you all news and insight in to Minecraft from a 14 year old’s perspective, and I hope you all enjoy!

~Aquinas Fleming

Happy crafting!